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Technology / A unique waterproof technology

Demar Waterproof system is a modern solution thanks to which footwear is completely waterproof. Best quality waterproof leather (nubuck) was used in the boot-tops, and the inside of the footwear is made of waterproof and vapour permeable membrane. This combination is characterized by a very well hygienic parameters and durability.

Basic hygienic parameters of Demar Waterproof system:
•    water vapour permeability – not less than 2.0 mg/ cm²h   (tested acc. to PN-EN ISO 20344:2012),
•    water vapour coefficient – not less than 20 mg/cm² (tested acc. to PN-EN ISO 20344:2012),
•    watertightness – not less than 10 m 10 m H2O (tested acc. to PN-EN 20811:1997).