NALEPKA-ECO-QUALITYPVC plastic, free of phthalates –it is a plastic used for the production of galoshes and wellingtons,completely harmless in contact with human skin. The same type of plastic is used in medicine for manufacturing medical accessories (such as containers for blood or various hoses), in food industry, elements of furniture, cold stores and partitions between the rooms (curtains), various types of packaging (including blisters and small bags), toys (e.g.balls), office articles, book covers and artificial leathers for furniture covers. Shoes made of this plastic are completely water-resistant and watertight, durable and easy to maintain in cleanliness.


TR plastic, i.e. thermoplastic rubber – itis a plastic completely neutral in contact with human body. It is similar to natural rubber in respect of properties and advantages. A great advantage is a relatively low specific gravity and resistance to very low temperatures. The slip resistance is its additional advantage in winter conditions.


EVA plastic– it is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate, a plastic with phenomenal properties. It is the lightest material used for the production of footwear. The weight of ready footwear is often three times lower than in case of similar footwear made of traditional materials (e.g. rubber). It has a foam structure which gives perfect heat-insulating and shock-absorbing properties. Such as the materials specified above it is completely neutral in contact with human body.


Polymer plastic (PUR),i.e. reactive polyurethane, is a two-component plastic which is used, after blending in appropriate proportion, for the production of footwear soles. Currently it is the most often applied plastic in footwear production. Its great advantage consists in the possibility to modify the specific gravity (density)which allows manufacturing the soles which are very light and simultaneously are characterized of high resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage. It has also very good parameters in respect of energy absorption which has a positive influence on the protection of joints. Another valuable property of this plastic is the possibility to join the sole with the upperwithout the necessity to use glues.