Technology / Aircomfort

Air Comfort Plus type GRI PRO shoe inserts (pair)
a multi-layer shoe lining (insert) ensuring comfort of use. To ensure suitable thermal insulation EVA material has been used in the lining, while a special gel pad (PU) guarantees a perfect shock absorption (the so-called “ANTISHOCK effect”)


  1. A special moisture-absorbing material (microfiber)
  2. Latex with shape memory, absorbing shocks while walking
  3. White thermoformable felt with addition of a bio-component
  4. The body has been made of EVA material, which ensures feet stability
  5. A layer made of EVA material facilitating air flow
  6. Gel pad (PU) - a heel shock absorber (the so-called “ANTISHOCK effect”)
A professional lining for REST, TREK, TRAPER boots